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Aside from my wishlist, if you're looking for small gift ideas that can be purchased in-store, here are some things sure to put a smile on my face.

Favorite beverage: coconut water (my favorite brand is Harmless Harvest, plain or raw cacao flavored, from the refrigerated beverage section of Whole Foods; my second favorite brand is unflavored Vita Coco available most anywhere)

Favorite fruit: anything tropical (mangoes, pineapples, dragon fruit, bananas, papayas, star fruit)

Favorite treat:
I am a raw cacao fanatic! Unfortunately raw cacao bars or truffles aren't exactly easy to find. If you happen to be near a smaller health food stores, take a peek (Whole Foods in Philadelphia doesn't carry these types of candies yet). My favorites brands are: Fine & Raw (blueberry only, my absolute favorite!), Gnosis (hazelnut), any of the Righteously Raw truffle bars, any raw cacao product by Rawmio, or surprise me!

While I appreciate gifts, please note that I only eat raw cacao such as the brands listed here and not regular processed chocolate that is no longer in its raw state. Unfortunately I'm allergic to the latter.

I also love snacking on Brad’s Raw Crunchy Leafy Kale (“naked” flavored) which can be purchased at Whole Foods.

Favorite colors: Black, grey, purple, red.

Suggested gift cards: Whole Foods, Amazon, Westward Bound (latex clothing), Sephora, Wolford (stockings and pantyhose), Agent Provacateur (lingerie), Fred Perry (Manhattan) and a Philly based clothing store, Delicious Boutique (support local kink-friendly businesses!)