Asian Philadelphia Dominatrix


Both a lifestyle & professional dominant, I’m a natural Goddess. No scripts. No theater. Just an authentic femdom experience.

My resume stems back to psychological D/s exploration in high school before knowing there was a name for my desires. My best friend, a handsome highly educated literal genius, talented musician and star football athlete was my test subject who I lured into mental games of humiliation, emotional sadism and control. This dynamic lasted from age 15 until 19 and set the bar for how I am to be treated by males: I am to be adored and worshiped and served with grace and humility by men of the highest caliber.

Carrying on until my early 20's, still not understanding why I sought out educated and successful yet "bitch boy" types as friends, I set those feelings aside out of sheer confusion. I struggled between wanting to be a "normal" yet wanting to be worshiped and punishing boys who didn't comply. I thought my feelings lay dormant as I further closeted myself and dove into a seemingly happy vanilla marriage which ultimately left me feeling isolated and empty. With no outlet for my dominant energy, it festered. Each time my desires would bubble up, I'd push them back down with only temporary results leaving me feeling exhausted from living a lie. My husband was my cover to prove to the world (and futilely to myself) that I was "normal" and not a power hungry sadist.

In 2006, a fashion designer friend was short on models for a fashion show. As a favor, I strut down a runway at a fetish event in Manhattan in a tightly laced corset and 6" heels which I found wearing to be absolutely titillating! And by the end of the evening, I made a few pervy friends... which led to more fetish fashion shows, more parties and more perverts in my life. My new association validated my repressed urges and I slowly began embracing who I was. This shift took me on a journey of deeper self-exploration. Since then I've devoured kinky educational texts, taken numerous classes in multiple areas of the BDSM arts and immersed myself in the public BDSM scene in both NYC and Philadelphia as well as yearly visits to Montreal Fetish Weekend. I was later further mentored under some of the finest pro dominas in the Northeast scene who helped shape the confidant alpha female I am today leaving behind my confining marriage and eventually leaving behind my former successful career. I'm now comfortable in my own skin and fully embrace who I am: a dominant, sadistic, depraved collector of submissive men.

Dominating professionally since 2008, my passion evolved into a full-time career. My sessions are hosted in my own private multi room dungeon in Center City Philadelphia and I regularly tour up and down the East Coast with the NYC area and Washington DC as my most frequented cities. I've starred in numerous femdom and fetish videos for both domestic and international websites such as Club Dom, Femdom Empire, and The English Mansion. I have also been chosen as a regular visiting Priestess of The Order of Indomitus [hyper link:], a quarterly female supremacy weekend event held in Southern Florida.

When not training slaves, I can be found at the gym or yoga studio, meditating, reading about nutrition, philosophy, and matriarchal societies, cooking healthy vegan meals, traveling to see bands perform, working on music and art, and venting steam on East Coast dance floors.

At a glance...
Height: 5'7" (stockings) 6'1" (heels)
Weight: 135 pounds
Bust: 36" (36C or 34D bra, depending on brand)
Shoe size: 9 - 9.5
Pantyhose/stocking size: B or medium/tall
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black (extends to my mid-back)
Ethnicities: 3/4 Asian mix and 1/4 Caucasian
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Favorite book: Top two of all time are The Mahabharat (translation by Krishna Dharma) and Gone With the Wind